TPNT = Trigger Point Neutralization Technique

TPNT is a soft-tissue method of touch that engages a neurological reflex (a switch)
​to instantly neutralize painful trigger points.
With this exciting new light-touch method,
Dr. Cayer may be able to eliminate your CHRONIC PAIN forever!
Chronic Pain = Pain that has persisted for months or years.​


Most chronic pain is CAUSED by GROUPS of painful individual trigger points which collectively produce a "Looped" pain signal to the brain that remains "ON" and perpetuates the overall chronic pain condition.

*After a pathology or emergency situation is ruled-out, PNT has been shown to benefit a wide variety of chronic conditions: migraines, TMJ jaw pain, vertigo, GERD, IBS bowel issues, sciatica, post-surgical residual pain, knee pain, old sports injuries, back pain, hip pain, stenosis, joint pain, sacroiliac & coccyx tailbone pain, neck pain, tendinitis, wrist, hand & finger/thumb pain, foot & ankle pain, swelling, elbow pain, fibromyalgia, shoulder & trap pain, groin, abdominal & pelvic pain, neuropathy, radiating pain and limited ranges of motion.

What is TPNT...?

TPNT uses only light pressure on your skin that engages a nerve-switch to turn-off trigger points,
just as you turn-off an electric light with a related switch.

TPNT does NOT involve chiropractic adjustments or any forceful pressure.
TPNT is NOT traditional trigger point therapy which is painful grinding on the tender area.

During TPNT treatments, you will INSTANTLY feel the trigger point pain diminish or vanish!

When Dr. Cayer turns-off the switch, patients commonly say,
"It's Gone!" and "You must not be pressing the trigger point anymore!"

TPNT is neurological (nerve-based), so you feel the change IMMEDIATELY in the trigger point.

TPNT engages an automatic nerve-reflex (a switch).
The switch resets the brain's communication with the trigger point.
TPNT interrupts the stuck pain-loop, just as you would re-boot a stuck computer.

An accumulation of painful trigger points often leads to chronic pain conditions.
When enough of the accumulated trigger points are neutralized with PNT,
the overall chronic pain condition begins to improve, generally in just a few treatments.

TPNT does not work for everyone, but the results with the
​overall chronic condition can often be immediate and dramatic.
See the testimonials, but you will not believe it until you feel it for yourself!

Dr. Cayer:
"I have never been one to sensationalize...I can't guarantee results because this technique may not work for everyone, but I have never seen anything like is truly amazing! In my dad's office as a child, I learned to find painful trigger points by touch. Now, thanks to TPNT, I can TREAT the painful trigger points that I find. To my surprise, for the first time in my life, I actually feel the trigger points "dissolve" under my fingertips!"

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