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Active Therapeutic Movement / ATM2

The ATM2 Clinical System provides a straight forward and effective approach to treat musculoskeletal disorders. The ATM Concept has three primary objectives:

Provide significant reduction in pain and restoration of pain-free movement starting from the very first treatment.
Provide consistent and significant improvement on every subsequent treatment aiming to help transition you from patient to person.
Provide a simple and logical program to prevent or reduce the next episode.
Immediate and Long Lasting Benefits

The overall goal of the Active Therapeutic Movements or ATMs is to provide you both immediate and long-lasting benefits if you’re suffering from back, neck shoulder, pelvis/hip, or knee pain.

Performance Enhancement

The ATM2 machine can also help if you’re seeking to enhance your sports performance. This is achieved by significantly increasing your range of motion and overall strength. The increases in range of motion and strength are achieved through the ATM2’s unique ability to immediately alter muscle activation patterns. No other device on the market today can achieve this!

How the ATM2 Machine Works

The ATM2 machine allows patients to engage in several neuromuscular movements. These movements are specifically designed to help retrain the component in your brain called the Central Nervous System to work in conjunction with the body’s musculoskeletal system. During your ATM movements, your brain is memorizing the pain-free movements.  This is often called neuromuscular facilitation.

Pain Free

Using the belting system, your clinician will secure your into a comfortable position. The objective during this phase is to continuously adjust the belts until your painful movements become 100% pain free. This is done by the micro-adjustments of the belting system. The belting system is used to treat the following body parts:

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